At Precision Scientific Editing, we specialize in editing scientific manuscripts with the goal of helping authors get published in high-impact professional journals. We also edit a wide variety of other documents (e.g., research and personal statements, CVs, formal letters, etc.) for scientists, researchers, and physicians, to help further their professional development and career success.

All documents are carefully edited by a team of two native English speakers, one a former scientific editor at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; the other a PhD microbiologist & biochemist, clinical research scientist, and former professional science writer.

For each document, our editing team corrects errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, parallel structure, and basic math (micro-editing); we also suggest ways that the document can be improved in terms of clarity, organization, and focus (macro-editing).

Precision Scientific Editing is experienced in editing documents from a wide variety of fields, from oncology and infectious diseases to nanomedicine and imaging technology. Our clients include medical students at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran; researchers at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center in Guangzhou, China; and postdoctoral fellows at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Precision Scientific Editing has working relationships with the following journals: Chinese Journal of Cancer, Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, and Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal.

Turnaround times vary, but edited full-length manuscripts are usually returned within 5 days. Letters and other short documents are usually returned within 2 days. Prices are per word and include the main text, abstract, and any figures and tables. (References are excluded from the word count.) Please inquire for exact rates.

Precision Scientific Editing